Spotlight Session👑

Mark Harrison!


Meet Mark Harrison…Student, bar man and model! 🌟

Mark is a third year student at the University of Leeds studying Radiography. I had a lovely chat with him about life as a part-time model and student. Mark’s vibrant, bubbly personality and unique look has landed him opportunities to model in fashion shows and photoshoots for companies and students alike.

Our chat went a little like this ⬇️


What is it that you do? What made you start doing it?

I’m a part-time model as well as student and bar man. What made me get into modelling? I’ve always loved fashion, but it never really occurred to me to model in a show. That is until a friend encouraged me to audition to a show and I guess it started from there really.

Describe yourself a little!

Oh god, this question is always hard to answer. I guess I’d consider myself to be energetic and sociable. Im no good at answering this one I’m afraid.

What do you enjoy most from modelling?

Meeting new people 100% , I’ve made some really good friends from shows and shoots and some I love.

What has been your most memorable modelling experience?

My first memorable experience has to be my first show. I opened the show and had to stand in complete silence for forever (2 minutes) and stare out the crowd. I had to hold such a defiant pose and it was tough with stage experience.

(Photograph by Ash Renshaw @renshaw.ash)

If you had to be a city in the world, what would you be? Why?

I’d have to travel and experience the city to compare myself to its likeness, so from where I’ve been I’d have to say Manila, Philippines. It’s a restless city but so much more alive at night. So me, I’m such a night owl.

What is some advice you’d give to someone looking to become a model?

Personally I felt like I’d have to change my “look” to model. If I had to give advice it would be; don’t change your style. Keep your individuality. Although with such exposure your style will probably shift but keep it you.

What has been the hardest thing about modelling for you?

Coming to terms with the fact you won’t always be the right model. It’s knocked my confidence once or twice.

Name one random fact about you.

I have a patch of white hair.

(Photograph by Ash Renshaw @renshaw.ash)

How do you juggle being a student with modelling and any other projects you do?

Poorly, alongside bar work, studying for my degree and modelling and then making time for friends and family, some things have definitely struggled.

What is your favourite outfit you’ve worn in a fashion show or photoshoot?

My favourite has to be the jumpsuit I wore at the Leeds College of Art graduates ’17 show. So much love for that outfit. @L.w_designs

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I’m hoping I’ll have graduated and I’ll be working in Leeds General Infirmary. Fingers crossed.

(Photograph by @TiffanyGrous)

I hope you enjoyed my casual interview with Mark, I certainly did! If you’d like to see more of Mark’s amazing photos, follow him on MarkHarrison.

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More Spotlight Sessions to come…

Till next time. Toodalooh x

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