Weekly Favourites #1

My top 5 favourite youtubers 💕

I'm starting off my new 'Weekly Favourites' blogpost series with my top 5 favourite youtubers.

Beginning with…

1. Connor Franta
Connor is a well known YouTuber (if you haven't heard of him I don't know where you've been) who has recently published his new book 'Notes to Self'. His videos consist of his everyday thoughts and life. If you like short, calm but surprisingly interesting videos- take a look at his channel.

2. LilyLikeCom
I can't remember how I found Lily's channel but I've never looked back. Lily's content consists of law school vlogs, beauty and styling tips, room/desk tours, travel vlogs and much more! She definitely has a unique and motivating outlook on life. Perfect for students! Be sure to check out her channel.

3. Conan Gray
Conan's channel has a calming, beautiful vintage aesthetic. He is also amazing at art. Conan films his thoughts, everyday vlogs and art projects on his channel. He's very easy to watch and listen to, particularly on those gloomy rainy days. Don't hesitate to search him up!

4. Josh Holliday
I immediately subscribed to Josh's channel after watching a video on his music recommendations. His editing style is so interesting and nothing like I've seen on YouTube before. Here's the link to the video➡️ My Favourite Songs You've Never Heard Of

5. Krist & yu
Krist has lived in South Korea and vlogged her experience there. I subscribed to her channel after watching a vegetarian/vegan lunch ideas video. She's got a lot of interesting content and she's ver quirky. Her main channel is Krist Soup.

Special mention

I had the pleasure of interviewing Youtuber, Model and Influencer Abigail Kabirou, also known by her YouTube name- Abigail.DK. She started her channel in 2013 and has seen it flourish over the years. Abigail is involved in a lot of projects such as hosting, modelling and is currently a finalist in Miss Teen Africa UK 2017. If you are interested in hair and beauty, fashion and lifestyle brought to you through discussion topics and vlogs; be sure to check out Abigail.DK's channel!

Here's the link to the interview I did with Abigail Kabirou:


Hope you enjoyed the read.
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Till next time! Toodalooh x

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