Spotlight Session✨🌸

Miss Abigail.DK!

In this first 'Spotlight Session', I am interviewing Abigail Kabirou, also known as, up and coming YouTuber, Model and Influencer Abigail.DK.

Abigail and I had a chat about all the exciting opportunities that she's worked hard for and all the things she hopes to do in the future. Her content definitely speaks to the current generation- as she uses her social media platform to discuss relevant topics, break the mould and inspire.

Our chat turned out a little like this⬇️

"What is it that you do? What made you start doing it?"

I'm a YouTuber, model and influencer. I started doing YouTube just because it was an ideal creative outlet and I've always wanted to do modelling from when I was a little girl.

"What are you most proud of?"

I think that I'm most proud of the journey I've started, constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone and discovering more about myself.

"Who makes up the majority of your audience?"

The majority of my audience is made up of teens and young adults as I seem to appeal to them the most. 😅

"What's the best advice you've ever received?"

The best advice I've ever received and also a mantra I live by is "Your network is your net worth". Hearing this spoke volumes to me and once I started realising the importance of socialising and networking outside of my comfort zone; as well as having the confidence to present myself and tell people what I do, I had some incredible opportunities present themselves to me.

"What have been your biggest challenges and how did you overcome them?"

My biggest challenge so far has probably been that I had to realise that not everyone is going to support you 100%. People want to see you do good but not better than them. I found myself feeling guilty sharing my accomplishment with certain people due to how they reacted. I started my channel back in 2013 which turned out to not be so successful and the videos are still there however I've taken them off my channel. At the time I just didn't have the dedication and I just wasn't ready to fully delve into committing to YouTube. So I re-launched my channel in September 2016 and I've tried my best to be as consistent as possible and yeah I've just been working at it…trying to build my subscriber base and trying to come up with creative content.

"How do you deal with negative/hate comments?"

I don't really deal with it, as bad as it sounds you grow to have thick skin against it. So when people leave just simply hateful and ignorant comments I tend to just ignore them. However I am not opposed to constructive criticism as I believe it keeps me sharp and helps me to improve my craft.

"Name you're favourite youtubers."

Oh! Some of my favourite YouTubers are definitely Mela child, Nella Rose, IIsuperwomanII a K a Lily Singh and I really enjoy watching Buzzfeed videos.

"What's one beauty product you can't go without?"

One beauty product I cannot go without is highlighter. If you know me you know that I absolutely live for the glow. ✨

"What is your view on social media's impact on society's standards of beauty?"

I believe that the impact social media standard of beauty has had on society is something that has fostered inaccurate and unrealistic views of human beings. I'm personally someone who really loves and enjoys make up as an art form but I think I do make it a point for myself to not always feel like I have to put on a full face before I film. I believe it's important to remind the viewers that at the end of the day we are still normal people that you see on the screen and sometimes something as simple as stripping away that layer of makeup can help to carry across this message.

"What do you want your legacy to be? Where do you see yourself in five years time?"

What do I want my legacy to say..? I'd like to leave my mark on the world as someone who was able to bring about change in whatever way shape or form possible. I want to be someone that can help educate the youth as well as helping them to create opportunities for themselves in those places they traditionally wouldn't be able to find themselves. I just really want to see the young people empower themselves and if I can help them do so I would love for that to be my legacy.

It was a great pleasure to interview Abigail! I hope her vibrant and enthusiastic personality came through in the interview. Make sure you check out her channel Abigail.DK and her instagram for many more stunning photos and peeks into her everyday life.

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Till next time! Toodalooh x

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