182 Hours

Aaaaand I’m back again with a playlist of awesome music. This time however, the genre is quite different.

If there are only a few artists you take away from this post it should be Blackbear.

If I had to describe Blackbear’s sound in terms of food or smells, I would say he’s like those sour sweets that you have to suck and bite at until you get to the bubblegum in the middle. By that time your tongue would have turned to an alarming shade of blue or pink right?  That’s Blackbear.

So Tumblr. (If you know, you know).

Really recommending listening to his music!
This right here is my trap/ R’n’B/ ‘whatever else is in this playlist’ Playlist:

  1. Verbatim by Blackbear
  2. Back it up by THEY.
  3. INITIATION by Tory Lanez
  4. Drunk on the mic by Mickey Shiloh
  5. Uncomfortable by Mansa
  6. Overtime by Bryson Tiller
  7. Motley Crew by THEY.
  8. Hotel Andrea by Blackbear
  9. Comfort Inn Ending (freestyle) by Jhene Aiko
  10. Gangsta by Kehlani
  11. Hypnotizing by Aaron Camper
  12. The Recipe by Kendrick Lamar
  13. Too deep by DVSN
  14. Bad intentions by Niykee Heaton

Check out the rest of the songs on my Spotify and Soundcloud playlists.

168 Hours

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