How I have a productive day✨

For someone who is the furthest thing from a morning person; I can honestly say the methods I’ve spoken about in this post have really helped me be focused and productive during the day. 

Before starting a new day, I have to have a good nights rest and that can be quite difficult for me at times. I’ve found that I can fall asleep easily with the sound of rain and thunderstorms. I have a thunderstorm playlist on Spotify that I put on which allows me to drift off to sleep 💤

In order to have a productive day, I try to wake up between 7am to 8.30am (although at times it can stretch to 10am when I’ve slept super late). My alarm is a radio clock, so I’ll wake up to classical fm and bright sunlight as I’ll have had the blinds drawn up the previous night. Hearing soothing music and having light stream into my room first thing in the morning is a great way to have me looking forward to the day!

Once I’ve checked the notifications on my phone, I’ll climb out of bed and take a quick trip to the loo (🚽) and come back upstairs to make my bed. I’m telling you now, a made up bed first thing in the morning is a good way of preventing you from getting back inside and snuggling up in your duvet- as tempting as that might be. 

After that I’ll do my hygiene routine in the bathroom. When I’ve finished I’ll light some candles and do some stretches to yoga music. This helps me release any stress or anxious feelings I may have at the start of the day. It also helps relieve any muscle aches I’ve gotten from kickboxing! Once that’s done, my day really starts! 

I’ll put on some comfy clothes and go to the kitchen to make myself a healthy breakfast which might be avocado mash on toast, oats etc. It changes everyday as I don’t like eating the same thing twice in a row. I’ll take my breakfast upstairs and write my day schedule in my dairy. This way I’ll be able to check off what I’m supposed to be doing during the day. 

After writing in my diary, I’ll pop on some classical music again and begin doing any work I’m supposed to be doing on that day. I have a very short attention span so I will take breaks throughout my study time and make myself a fruit snack with some tea or juice to keep my energy levels up. It’s important to remember that we’re not robots and it’s okay to take a break even if you’ve got a deadline coming up! 

Once I’ve gotten everything I was supposed to do out of the way, I’ll unwind with a nice meal, sit back and watch some tv or catch up on my favourite YouTube vlogs🍽💻

Hope you enjoyed reading a bit about how I have a productive day. 

Have a blessed week✨

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