After everything women have been through trying to gain the same human rights and equality as men; it still baffles me on how ignorant a lot of people still are about feminism. 

Feminism isn’t an attack on male ‘masculinity’, it’s not a ploy to dominate men or lay waste to years of tradition. No, it’s about the equality of both sexes, for equal rights to be bestowed on both genders. I still struggle with all my being to understand why people are against such a simple ask. People can change if they truly want to, yes societal expectations and roles have seeped into the minds of many but if we work together, as brothers and sisters, we will be able to see a better world. One without fear of rape or molestation; without violence and hatred because of gender; without unfair education systems and so much more inequality that is impossible to mention. 

It is so important to know that feminism is not just about women. Men face so much prejudice and discrimination because of the association something may have to ‘femininity’. Men are called pedophiles for wanting to be nursery or primary school teachers because they are jobs for ‘women’. Men are called homosexual, in derogatory manners, because they wear pink or because they are more emotional than ‘they ought to be’. It’s incredibly heartbreaking and causes such anger to rise in me. How dare we box ourselves into such limiting ways? I certainly hope and pray that little by little I will be able to educate people on the importance of feminism. I do not want my future children to be brought up in a world filled with such hostility and contempt for such a simple reason as gender. Women are strong, men are strong but together we can be amazing. 

I am proud to say I am a feminist and I want you to know that if you believe in the equality of men and women: you are too. 

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